Our kitchen staff caters to all the children’s wishes and needs, so a flawless day-to-day operation can be guaranteed. The produce is always fresh and from the region.

  • breakfast with tee, hot chocolate, bread and rolls, butter, jam, Nutella, cheese, muesli, cornflakes, cocoapops with milk and yogurt
  • lunch with soup, main course and dessert
  • dinner sometimes hot, sometimes cold, sometimes sweet sometimes savory

We provide a balanced normal diet, but upon request we can also offer vegetarian meals. Special requirements because of allergies or dietary restriction will be followed meticulously!


  • drinks and snacks are provided at all times
  • lunch packets will be provided for full-day excursions
  • for the "sweet tooth" we have our "Mini-market" where sweets, ice-cream and soft-drinks can be bought 
  • We pamper our birthday kids with their favourite birthday cake
  • once a week we fire up the bbq in our garden